Last week to Pre-order the Bike Jerks Superfriends Team Kit!

I was lucky enough to take some of the photos for this launch, and couldn’t be happier with the images.





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There is so much backstory to this kit, definitely too much for this busy morning. But the one thing I will say, is that this kit is my spirit animal!

You can also read a little bit about the kit at Bike Jerks!

A renewable source of air…


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Thanks for making the best looking frame pump evaaar Silca!

Nice to see Tarck making a come back!



Massan – A SF Giant!


Massan has been around since the beginning of all this track bike shit. His fluid riding, effortlessly controlled hill bombs and huge Sugino Zen chainrings made his name a staple on bike forums and in bike shops long ago and his timeless style have earned him a lasting place in the bike industry as a whole. Unlike many of the early track bike videos, which are easily dated by old fixie tricks or bunny hops, Massan’s videos are only dated by the bike he is on. From the era of his blacked out Bianchi Pista Concept (remember the HUF bike?) to his time with Leader, his videos have always highlighted his effortless style and amazing bike control.

To say that Massan just rides is an understatement though. He never looks like he’s smashing, but he is. He never looks like he’s flying, but trust me, he is. Like many of the skateboarding greats, people have said Massan is boring to watch because he makes this shit look too damn easy. There’s never been a hill he wouldn’t drop or a gap he wouldn’t shoot. Massan’s calm/cool demeanor translates well to the bike, making him one of the most graceful cyclists on a track bike.

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