From the man who brought you the greatest…

Track Chainrings of all time!

AARN Plastics!

The first Titanium Fat Chance ever made!

Owned by Nancy Earley…


photo by Gregory Ralich!

I’d also checkout this awesome Fat Chance article Gregory Tweeted the other day!

Out run the Wraith!

TDBT & GSC Summer Solstice Full Moon Ride tonight!


Image from…HERE!

Sean Talkington from Team Dream Bicycle Team and Ringtail loves night rides…as you can see from this photo! So who wants to go on a ride with this cutie and our friend Nathan Carbello tonight? Info below…

LETS RIDE SOME MOUNTAINS TONIGHT!!! Today is supposed to be 108 degrees in East Los Angeles…Today is also Summer Solstice…and on top of that a full moon as well! This only happens once every 50ish years! The last Summer Solstice/Full Moon took place in the summer of 1967 which was coined “The Summer of Love”. Lets make 2016 the “Summer of the Chubby Bobcat” & get hella groovy up on Mt D! Riding up Highway 2 to Mt Disappointment from the Cub House at 6:45pm! Or meet up and ride from Golden Saddle Cyclery at 6pm! (Remember…Bring Lights!)

Elliot from Kitsbow!


Image from…HERE!