North Central Cyclery’s Spring Bundle is looking fresh!


We’re working with a company called Podiumwear to offer a limited edition NCC Spring Bundle. Podiumwear has some deep history in custom activewear coming from a line of Nordic Ski clothing worn by multiple Olympians. They know cold. They know sweat. And it’s all made in Minnesota.

They helped us design a simple kit with some of our NCC style.

We’re offering a mid-weight long-sleeve jersey, a stout wind vest with a nice tall collar, and a custom NCC print neck gaiter. I don’t know about you, but I’m over the moon about that gaiter.

More info…HERE!

I believe tomorrow is the last day to pre-order the bundle, so if you’re interested I’d hop to it!

Maps and Caps!


Image from…HERE!

And if you were wondering where the cap came from, I’d click…HERE!

p.s. With all the stripes going on in this photo, I’d guess Team Dream had something to do with all of this!

Three awesome photos…

from The Radavist’s visit to Saila Bikes!




You can see more…HERE!

Two from today!



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Going back to Cali!


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I’d keep an eye on Matt Lingo’s Tumblr if you’re smart!