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Tytanium GSC Patch found in Angeles Forest!

The other day Ty was out on a MTB ride and left one of his new patches in the Angels Forest Back Country!


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Looks like Adam K Masters(Male Model) found the patch and took this rad photo!

Love this contraption!

The two masterminds behind this amazing machine!!!


Geoff Mcfetridge


And Gold Coast Bicycles!

Start them early!


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Born into both the Golden Saddle Cyclery Wheelie Fun Crew and the Cadence Suffer Club!

1982 Pacific Crest Trail Poach !



About a year ago my friend Jeff Traugott sent me these photos. They were all taken by a fellow Santa Cruzan, “Rat” aka Bob Landry. I held onto them while looking for the right time to share them and so when Bicycle Times Magazine asked me to photograph Jeff for their Issue 33 I figured now is as good a time as any. Jeff has an immense history on the bicycle, but if you read the article in Bicycle Times you will learn he is an incredible Luthier, making guitars one at a time for world renowned guitar players. Below is the contents of Jeff’s first email to me which included the photos, and then I decided to ask him a couple follow up questions. This is all unedited, I only inserted a few clarifying names in brackets…

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Thanks for sharing Brian!

p.s. Always Tread Lightly!