Michele Colucci for Stanridge/Death Spray!

New Multicam Webbing Yanco & Tracko Ramblin’ Rolls!

Anybody need a Ramblin’ Roll? Yanco found this super rad Multicam webbing, so I had him make 50 Black and 50 Olive Drab(shown here) Ramblin’ Rolls using the webbing!!! Yanco and I have never had this many Ramblin’ Rolls on hand to be sold at once, we’ve always done pre-orders. So these will be shipping late this week, there will be no wait time for production, only person you’ll be waiting on is your Postwoman or Postman! We also haven’t sold Ramblin’ Rolls in over a year, so I can’t even explain my excitement to not have to do a pre-order!



Cadence for Low!

I’m loving the socks!


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Paul Components ask Jan Heine 7 Questions!

1. Your original magazine was Vintage Bicycle Quarterly – Where did the idea come from for starting that magazine?

I wrote for a bunch of other magazines back then as a hobby – Bicycle Trader, On The Wheel, Rivendell Reader. One by one, they stopped publishing, but I had all those amazing stories about French cyclotourists, builders and their bikes. I wanted to share them, so I decided to put together a little newsletter for a few friends. Grant Petersen published a note underneath my article in his Reader, and I had 150 subscribers before I even had put the first word to paper. I realized that a xeroxed newsletter wouldn’t do, so I took the plunge and made a real magazine. Over the last 15 years, it has grown steadily from there – we now have more than 15,000 readers all over the world.


2. One of your biggest campaigns was that skinny, high pressure tires don’t roll any faster than a fatter low pressure tires. How does it feel to be vindicated on this?

It feels good that so many people enjoy their rides more, because they don’t have to choose between comfort and performance any longer. The latest “Allroad” bikes we test for Bicycle Quarterly are so much fun to ride, because they can go on any road – paved, gravel and even single-track – without giving up anything in speed to a classic racing bike with narrow tires. This has changed how we ride, and it’s gratifying to share this experience with cyclists all over the world.

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This is confusing…

anybody know what’s going on here?


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I also heard Jo was in a bad accident at Redhook…sending all the good vibes! Get better soon Jo!