Whitney was born to run!


She sweats it out on the back roads of an American Dream, riding through the mountains on a life saving machine. Sprung from the city on a one way line, polished wheels moving her forward most of the time. Whitney let us in, we wanna be your friend. We’ll ride till we drop, and we’ll never look back again.

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Fear is the mind killer…

from the king of Dune references comes this top-cap!



Black Sheep: Obsession


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Want to know what the best thing I saw…

at the 2015 Fire Flies West welcome home party was?


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Charlie Cunningham could still use your help…


In early August, 2015, Charlie Cunningham, bicycle builder, inventor and all around amazing person, fell off his bike and sustained several serious injuries.

Charlie suffered broken bones, bruises, and trauma to his head. At the time, he didn’t feel his head injury was significant. Unfortunately, six weeks later, the head injury manifested into a subdural hematoma, a life threatening condition that resulted in emergency brain surgery.

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I’d also suggest reading this small piece on Charlie from a 2007 Dirt Rag article on the emergence of 29ers.

Curious as to the beginning of big wheel usage on the mountain bike yet? I thought so. For me it began in September 1980. A gang of riders from Marin made their way out to Crested Butte for the 5th Annual Pearl Pass Tour. Among them was Charlie Cunningham (HOF Inductee, 1988). Charlie and I got along famously from our first ride together. He was sporting this homemade 24lb. aluminum rig with drop bars and could ascend and descend like no one I’d ever seen. Remember this is 1980, so a 24lb. bike that could take the abuse Charlie was dishin’ it had my attention. He was polite when we talked and said anytime I was out in Fairfax I was welcome to come by his little factory.

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