Oh man…that reminds me!

I just saw that John posted about some of the new Blue Lug bags today and that reminded me of this…

I see my buddy Cole wearing this bag all the time.

It’s a collaboration between Kletterwerks and Tomboy Style, really digging how the backpack straps actually close the bag when wearing. It’s a super simple design for easy in, and easy out.

More on the bag…HERE!

P.S. Really digging those Blue Lug Nap Packs though!

You’ll be missed Mr. Williams.


Image from…HERE!

Alvin’s Beautiful Day!

What happened Tom?

You used to have the best style! Not saying that the green pants and black shirt is bad, but this is where it is at!


Image from…HERE!

And does anyone know what this is from?

This is what my day is looking like!


Image from…HERE!