Tom Simpson’s last Tour De France.

Do your recognize the cover image?

Oh man…I need this kind of fun in my life ASAP!

And if you haven’t seen the Skid Row piece in the new Bicycling with these three, I’d highly suggest checking it out!

Checkout Woody in Bicycling!


Image from…HERE!

Hey Alvin!

Not sure how I missed these!!!

More of the Leader Team at their Vimeo!

Get better soon Aaron!


Photo by Brenton Salo!

This GoFundMe is to support Aaron Edge through his physical and emotional recovery after a serious crash while mountain biking in Southern California. At this stage in his recovery, Aaron won’t be cleared by his physician to return to work at Western Bikeworks for some time. We’re gathering together at this GoFundMe to uplift our friend in his time of need.

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