Really digging this Pendleton Wool Kitsbow shirt!



I know the wools woven here in the US, not sure where the shirt is actually sewn though.

**EDIT** Shirt is sewn in the U.S.A. !

The original #pizzastrava !

Who remembers the piece Brian Vernor shot on Anthony awhile back?

Carfree = Carefree

What this is saying is, ride your bike and you will be a whole hell of a lot happier!


Abram Games Post World War 2 Public Information Poster: Carfree, Carefree; 1967

Poster from…HERE!

Think about the message, not that it’s about riding the bus. Such a rad poster, just had to post!

Risks? Not for me.

Space Horse leaving the atmosphere…

and ready to party this weekend!


Image from…HERE!

E.T. Phone Home!