The Secret Life of a Cycle Courier!


When I became a bicycle courier I found that I loved cycling for a living. I loved the exhilaration of pedalling quickly through the city, flowing between stationary cars and weaving through the lines of moving traffic. I loved the mindlessness of the job, the absolute focus on the body in movement, the absence of office politics and cubicle-induced anxiety. I loved the blissful, annihilating exhaustion at the end of a day’s work, the dead sleep haunted only by memories of the bicycle. Hypnagogic jerks, those juddery twitches that occur on the edges of sleep, were smoothed out into circular pedal-strokes of the legs. Most of all, I loved learning what London taxi drivers call the Knowledge: the litany of street names and business addresses that constitutes a particular map of the city, parallel to that contained within the A–Z street atlas but written on the brain, read by leg and eye.

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Cinelli Tube Set Dealer Display on Ebay!


This is so RAD! And sooooo EXPENSIVE! If anybody would like to purchase this for me, please feel free to do so.

Merckx Monday!


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Anybody know where this image is from? I saw it on Milano Fixed!

This is pretty rad…

Just fixed wheel photographs…

Photo; Wojciech Artyniew. 2015

KS SPOLEM, Lodz. Photo; Wojciech Artyniew. 2015

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