Richard Mitchelson for Strava Metro!

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Night Shift!

Never not rolling with it!

Poppi never looked so good!


Photo by Warren Kommers

The good life…

In 1983, QBP Outside Rep Kip Byars embarked on a bicycle tour of the U.S. and came back with many stories to tell. Over the years, those stories made enough of an impact on his son Logan that he set out on his own tour to “follow in Dad’s footsteps.” Kip expected his son to enjoy the journey. What he didn’t expect was an invitation to come along for the ride


“Where you from?”
“Where you headed?”
“How many miles do you ride each day?”

These were the never-ending questions I’d get from complete strangers while out on the road touring. That was 33 years ago. I was in my early-20s. And I was on one of the greatest tours of my life—riding from San Francisco to New York.

At the start of the tour, I found myself getting frustrated by those questions. But when I finally stopped to actually consider the questions and why people were asking them, it dawned on me that maybe it wasn’t so much that they cared about the details as much as the feeling, or the experience, of what I was doing.


Some were intrigued to know my story, others possibly dreamed of doing what I was doing. Some wanted to live vicariously through me, if only for a moment. Others were simply in awe that anyone could or would take on such an adventure.

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