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R.I.P Fast Eddie


Last November I had the pleasure of meeting “Fast Eddie” Williams when I made a brief visit to New York. (Picture above.) Eddie is something of a legend as a bike messenger in New York City.

Eddie has been a bike messenger since 1983. It was a handful of New York bike messengers, the likes of Fast Eddie that started the whole fixed wheel craze that has spread worldwide.

Eddie’s bike was a ‘dave moulton’ custom track frame that I had built in 1983. He bought it in 1998 from the original owner who had raced the bike on the velodrome at Trexlertown, Pennsylvania.

Continue reading and see more images of Fast Eddie, Dave, and his Dave Moulton Track Bike…HERE!


Here’s a very interesting iPhone video from Rapha!

I Heart Tandems!

But you knew that already!