Merckx Monday: A Brief History of the Hour Record!

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The Science Behind the Bike…

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Wiggo’s going to make my(hour) Sunday real exciting!




On Sunday, the greatest British cyclist alive, Sir Bradley Wiggins, will attempt to set a new hour record, one of the most prestigious, and most difficult, achievements in all of cycling.

The 2012 Tour de France winner and Olympic champion will try to ride well past the existing record of 52.937 kilometers, or about 32.894 miles, at the Lee Valley VeloPark in London.

Many think that Wiggo, as he’s called, will have no problem breaking the current record held by compatriot Alex Dowsett, who rode 52.937 kilometers earlier this year. Some say he’s looking to go 55 kilometers, or about 34 miles.

The special bike he’s going to ride is the Pinarello Bolide HR, co-engineered by Jaguar and Italian bicycle manufacturer Pinarello. Wiggins is calling it “the most aerodynamic track bike I’ve ever ridden.”

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