It feels good to be home…

and it feels even better that my first post home is about home!

I’d race this race!

Will this movie just come out already!

You guys ever see this piece on Mike Rust at Huckberry?


Everyone’s dreaming these days…



Do you dream? Of course you do, who doesn’t? But how often do your dreams come true? They’re just dreams after all. Have you ever thought, “Hey, I am sick and tired of my dreams just being dreams? I want these dreams to be a reality, but how could I possibly do it?” You have to want it, you have to understand it, and then you have to REACH FOR THE DREAM! And we’re here to help. That’s right; you want to make that magical-rainbow-laser-unicorn-tropical-island-melting-clocks-brilliant-light-bouncing-off-of-the-floors-hyper-everything bike of your dreams a reality? We know how! With our proven process you can have that bike of your dreams, so join Manual for Speed and special guest Kanye West as we walk you through the necessary steps to making all your dreams come true.

More info…HERE!

And if you get that dream bike and you need to look as fresh as the bike, I’d suggest hitting up the OG dreamers, the Team Dream Team Dreamers! Making dreams a reality since before Christ!