Really great photo Dan!


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Speaking of Stinner…

here’s a few photos I took of him in his old shop.




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Stinner Frameworks!

I look forward to getting up to SB and shooting him in his new space!

Damn! The PDW Lars Rover is bright!




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I was pretty bummed out on the lack of daylight yesterday because of the time change, so I decided to take the PDW Lars Rover out and and try to get excited about night riding. Long story short…it worked!

Trick or Treat…

I’m normally one to do the trickin’ but today I’ve decided to treat. Yanco and I had a dozen orange rolls(pumpkin) and two olive rolls(stem) left over from the last pre-order. Instead of using these to fill the newest pre-order, we decided to sell them on Halloween with more Raindrop Camo Buttun Ups! I also had more “Not so” Winter Caps made for the fall and got more stickers for the kidz!



Swoop it all…HERE!


Welcome to the family: Kryptonite Mini Evo Lite

It’s probably about half the weight and has the same rating as the Krypto Mini Evo!



Secure disc-style cylinder resist picking and drilling. Short crossbar and shackle create the closest, most compact fit providing better security. New design key cylinder and stout steel crossbar. Very lightweight at 747 grams (16% lighter than the Evolution Mini-5). Shackle is 11mm hardened MAX-Performance steel. Features DuoCore hybrid cylinder technology to provide increased security. High security Bent Foot design for ease of use. Includes three Stainless Steel keys with new key design and one LED replaceable key fob.

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Get to your local bike shop now!