Clouds are pretty rad!!!

Bilenky still making waves!

Taylor Stitch Civic.


Cities spark innovation by connecting diverse groups. Cities galvanize us. They often behave independently from the context in which they sit. Cities require us to move. From home, to work, to gatherings, to the store, to home again. This movement can be challenging. Cars clog the streets and add to our ever-growing accumulation of greenhouse gases and smog. Our urban centers are some of the most polluted areas on the planet. As of late, some of the world’s most inhabited cities have begun to address these problems with improved bikeways, new public transportation arteries and greenways. Sustainable transportation, be it cycling, walking, run-commuting, bus, or train, has never been easier.


Checkout the men’s and women’s line…HERE and HERE!

What my Tuesday and Wednesday are looking like!



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Starting the year off right in Los Angeles!