“Rap”pha Bottles by Gage + Desoto!

By far their best bottle yet!


And don’t forget about Yo! WTF Kits Bottles! Nothing better than hydrating with Hip-Hip!

2 Pac’s Birthday is Thursday!

The new H + Son HYDRA!


For all your disc brake and tubeless needs, the new H + Son HYDRA is 25mm wide and tubeless compatible!!! Your should be seeing these in bike shops and and bikes shortly, I know I’m psyched to give them a try!

Hey Eli!

Now go ride your bicycle Eli!

Last week to Pre-order the Bike Jerks Superfriends Team Kit!

I was lucky enough to take some of the photos for this launch, and couldn’t be happier with the images.





Pre-order the jersey…HERE!

And Pre-order the bib…HERE!

There is so much backstory to this kit, definitely too much for this busy morning. But the one thing I will say, is that this kit is my spirit animal!

You can also read a little bit about the kit at Bike Jerks!

This Nagasawa illustration is so good!


If you aren’t already following ciclisucarta on instagram…I’d highly suggest it!