What did Della Santa bring you for Christmas?


Any of this STUFF?

I know I’d take one of THESE and probably even one of THESE!

Happy Holidays Y’all!

Akira <3 Coffee!


Image from…HERE!

The man behind Kinfolk Bicycles!

Akira Hi!

There’s a peace sign in the photo…

of course I had to post it!


Image from…HERE!

And here’s one more just to get the point across…

kits most definitely rule everything around me!



This may be the only cycling jersey from Primal Wear that I’ve ever liked! I’d highly suggest pairing this with one of the Tracko “Not so” Winter Caps, looks like the stitch pattern may have even be based off the cap!

Well…the Grateful Dead ones, but that’s someone else’s original artwork.

Here’s another one I’ve been digging…

from Warsaw!


Also really digging this sweatshirt!