I’m a sucker for vans with bikes on them as well!


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Especially this one!

Be seen in style!


More info on The 5th Floor and ICNY collaboration…HERE!

Urban Cross with Dustin Klein!


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#vanlife with All-City Cycles!



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While in Utah for Saddle Drive, Ty and I may have made a video with All-City!

Rich Mitch does Tracko!


What a great surprise to come home to. Richard Mitchelson has been on the Tracko radar for many years now, and I am honored he wanted to produce this portrait of me. He’s been doing commissioned portraits of cyclist for sometime now, mostly for Rouleur and other publications, but is open to anything. Give him a shout if you’re interested. I think I know what I’ll be getting a few people for Christmas!

Thanks so much Richard!