Swift Industries Headset Medallions!


Inspired by the Alpine Hikers’ tradition of decorating a walking stick with trail medallions, Swift brings you the adventure-seeker bicycle badge!


DKlein Labyrinth Bandana!


The one thing I always have with me, no matter what I’m doing or kind of bike I’m riding is a bandana.

I grabbed one of these bandanas from Dustin at Interbike and now it looks like they’re available to the masses.


Second Ramblin’ Roll Pre-order today!



Yanco and I will be doing another pre-order for 100 Ramblin Rolls, both Cordura and Waxed Canvas. Wait time is about six weeks. Pre-order will begin at 2:30 PM PST today and will be stopped after 100 Ramblin’ Rolls are sold. If this goes smoothly…we should be able to do this every 6 weeks. Once again, thanks for all your patience over the years with these. We’re a small operation, with only Yanco sewing.



GSC Dancing Top Caps!


Image from…HERE!

Carfree = Carefree

What this is saying is, ride your bike and you will be a whole hell of a lot happier!


Abram Games Post World War 2 Public Information Poster: Carfree, Carefree; 1967

Poster from…HERE!

Think about the message, not that it’s about riding the bus. Such a rad poster, just had to post!