This is so cold!

My favorite!

This Airlok locking home bike stand is…

a very interesting solution to an age old problem!

More info…HERE!

Crank Communications coming through!

As for Tire Belts…

I’d say these Cycled ones are the classiest I’ve seen!


Check’em out…HERE!

Jake Stangel on Cycling.


1. How does the rhythm of cycling compare to the rhythm of shooting?

Long shoot days are a lot like long days in the saddle. I always feel like epic rides can get broken down into multiple phases. You start out the gate fresh and little overexcited, you settle into a rhythm, and then there’s usually some point halfway or two thirds of the way into a long ride where you start to lag but need to keep riding, otherwise you won’t make it home. This is often the point where I need to dig deepest and give the most effort, and find some second or third wind.

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