Don’t forget about tonight!


Image from…HERE!

The guys from Search and State have printed hundreds of photos Joseph has taken along the way, from NYC to GSC!

See you guys tonight!

I hear the San Diego Velodrome has a grip of these…


Image from…HERE!

I’d go see for yourself!

God Save the Velodrome!

I’m not really sure what this means, but…

it looks pretty punk rock and and I’m all for supporting super rad dudes(Dan is most definitely super rad)!



I’d also recommend following Dan on Flickr!

No Handed Bike Club!


Image from…HERE!

Patch from…HERE!

Tomorrow night at Golden Saddle Cyclery…

come welcome Joseph Holway to Los Angeles!


Joseph has been riding across the country with the first ever production Search and State S2-R Jersey to roll off the line. He’s going to be very hungry and probably a little thirsty(he loves boxed wine), so we’re going to throw him a party! Pure Luck will be providing the food and we’ll grab some beverages from Big Mac’s, be prepared for a good time!

See you guys there!