Cheyenne Randall does Ice-T!


Image from…HERE!

There’s been a lot of Ice-T love on Tracko over the years. First was the discovery of the original head-shot used for the above drawing and the second was when Ice-T did some investigation work at Bicycle Habit!

Hey Joe!

A pic a day…while I’m away.


Image from…HERE!

Yesterday was spent exploring ice caves along Lake Superior’s South Shore. It was pretty damn cold and my Fuji XPro froze, so I had to steal this image from Mr. Prolly! This has been a great trip and I was stoked to have those Deux North Defeet Gloves, paired with the Track Bags Picker Shell. It’s been easy to ride bikes in subzero temps and still take pictures.

More images from the ice-caves…HERE!

A pic a day…while I’m away.


Image from…HERE!

I’ve always been pretty impressed with QBP’s catalog design and I am even more so, after entering the QBP facilities and seeing the wall of framed catalog covers. This one stuck out in particular, anybody know what year this was?

More Klunker please!

Merckx Monday: West River Cycles


Had a customer come into the shop the other day rocking this t-shirt and was instantly into it! Then was even more into it, once I found out my friends over at West River Cycles were the ones behind it!

Team Dream Bicycling Team is so bummed right now!