Here’s another one I’ve been digging…

from Warsaw!


Also really digging this sweatshirt!


Kits rule everything around me!


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DAMN! This is good!

Team Dream Team for Stinner Frameworks!


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Not too many of these left!


A while back, I gave Kyle from Tracko a Forestbound zippered pouch that was made from old M90 camouflage. Kyle and Bobby at Endo Customs made a pattern from that pouch, which was later used in the original Tracko vest.

Each year, Kyle sells a variation of his splinter camo, so this year, I asked if he’d want to do a collaboration. Pure and simple, this Blackened Splinter Camo jersey is just at home in the woods as it is on the road. Mix it with your favorite bibs, or the green Tracko splinter bibs…


Good looking Adidas Cycle Touring Sneaker.



This is kind of a Merckx Monday post, but not really!