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There is no better hat, than a Fairends hat!


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Taylor Phinney Hanging at GSC!


When Taylor Phinney is in Los Angeles with his bike, his place to get the gear in order is the Golden Saddle Cyclery. Just a random bike shop? Exactly what kind of shop would a guy like Taylor take his bike to, anyway? Exactly this kind.

Take a look inside. It’s not just a place with mechanics he trusts. It’s got that little something extra that undoubtedly appeals to his artistic eye.

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“One of the things I will always look forward to in my career is the Olympics. I think about Rio every time I get on my bike”

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Only way to start the week…

just jump in and get your feet wet!


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Get that Ken Burton Swag!


We are almost there! The final push to complete Ken Burton trail work! Come out and get dirty!

Volunteers who come out for 2 or more work days will receive the special KB volunteer shirt! You must sign in to get counted!

The Ken Burton trail has been closed since the station fire in 2009! Come out and help us get this trail open! We are joining forces with CORBA.

Bring your bike because were riding to the trail work area! Tools are provided.

Please bring long pants, long-sleeved shirt and hiking boots to wear. You can change on site. These are required attire by the Forest Service. Other recommended items include sunblock, plenty of water, snacks, sunglasses/eye protection, baby wipes (poison oak is not fun) and a healthy work ethic!

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