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Great Britain has really perfected the kit photo. These two photos could sell just about any cycling kit!

Britain’s Bad Girls!


Ride fast…die young! Bad girls do it well! My gold medal hits my chest when I’m banging on the track-boards!

Laura Trott for Stella McCartney!

And Stella McCartney for the GB Olympic Team again!


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Fantasy Fashion Designer Olympic Cycling Jerseys!

It was also our first glimpse of the competing nations’ uniforms – and we observed with interest the diversity and national identity that the varying teams’ kits displayed. From the vibrant prints of Cameroon to the sophisticated ensembles of the USA and Australia, the quantity of uniform on display was enough to keep us going for months.

And, while fashion designers creating sports uniforms is no new concept – major players like Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney have become as synonymous with sport as they have with their own labels – we thought we’d create some fantasy uniforms. We offer our take on what other fashion designers could do to revolutionise their home nations’ kits. Here’s what we dreamed of…



Imagine Elia Viviani winning gold while rocking Versace…talk about gold!

Merckx Monday: White Glove Treatment!


Does anyone know where this image came from? Because I sure don’t.