It must be a Radavist kind of day!



Or maybe it’s just the second day of Radavism and I’m just so very excited for one of my best friends and his new website. As most of you probably already know, Prolly Is Not Probably is no longer and the Radavist has cometh! I look forward to contributing to the Radavist lifestyle and mind-set, but what I look forward to most, is watching this community grow. A community that will help change the Bicycle Industry forever, it is our time and John and friends are going to prove that!

For almost ten years, Prolly is Not Probably has been one man’s voice. One person’s take on the ever-expanding world of cycling. Over the past few years, I’ve really struggled with the identity of the site. It may not be evident to you, the readership, but I’ve been conflicted for a long time.

When I finally chose to rename and rebrand PiNP, I had to come up with a name that I felt fit the tone, content and projection of where I saw cycling going for myself, as well as the readership. It needed a color and a mascot, or spirit animal that had to still look metal (right?)


The bicycle industry needs more illustrations…


This one was done by a woman I met years ago, she came through Los Angeles on what seemed to be a gypsy bike caravan. Leica around her neck, fanny pack around her waist, and a Track Bike in her hand. Her name was Camilla Candida Donzella. I’ve done my best to follow her work since we first met and I must say, Instagram has really made it much easier. This Suntour illustration above, is part of a zine Camilla is working on, hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on one and share it with everyone here.

Who remembers this video?

VANNI PETTENELLA GOLD AND SILVER MEDAL 1964 TOKYO from camilla candida donzella on Vimeo.

28.6 from camilla candida donzella on Vimeo.

Or maybe this one she did with Dario Pegoretti!

A pic a day…while I’m away.


Image from…HERE!

I’ve always been pretty impressed with QBP’s catalog design and I am even more so, after entering the QBP facilities and seeing the wall of framed catalog covers. This one stuck out in particular, anybody know what year this was?

Rivendell Coffee Mugs!


These are so good…wish I was drinking coffee out of one of them right now! Maybe I can talk Jeff into driving me by Red Wing Stoneware while I’m in Minnesota, so we can get some Golden Saddle Cyclery mugs in the queue.


New Encyclista site!


Check it out…HERE!