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Paper Friends opens tonight at Rapha Cycle Club SF!

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles I met Steven Nereo. That’s a funny story, but I’ll let him tell it. Back in 2006, in between riding our bikes around LA, pounding beers at the Little Joy and trolling the Singlespeed & Fixed Gear thread on Bike Forums, Steven and I realized there wasn’t a blog dedicated to track bike culture. So, we took it upon ourselves to capture that culture. To do so we drank more beers, worked on our bikes in Steven’s basement and eventually he came up with a little something that looked like this…


From the original look, to the name, this site has always had a playful spirit and Steven is largely to thank for that. Since helping me to start Tracko in 2006 Steven has been busy working on many other notable projects. He composes music, shoots pictures, published a few books, and offers up his whimsical writing via Single Ape, The Straight Nope and The Huffington Post… to name just a few. And now you can see a little bit of everything Steven does, including his illustrations at his show “Paper Friends” at the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco. The show opens tonight at 7pm. Don’t miss it!



Jake’s latest greatest…

Jake *Laali* Ricker  a.k.a @jesusaintsavingshit  made a collaborative zine featuring myself, Kyle Johnson, Chas, Jason Yim, Kyler Martz, and many more to try and help his wife pay off some pretty outstanding medical bills.  The zine is called Amalgamate and is available for $12.  Just paypal the 12 dollars and don’t forget to write your address in the notes portion of your payment.

Zines on zines! New 70 page collaborative zine Amalgamate I put together with some very talented friends to help with some pretty crazy bills from my wife’s broken leg. To help out and order PayPal $12 as a “gift” to jakericker And include your address. Also still selling my other zine Born ToDie. $12 each or $20 for both. Thanks you so much to everyone who helped out with this. You know who you are and zines will be in your hands soon.


First round, going out today!

Anybody taken a look at…

either one of these books?

Women on Wheels by April Streeter.

Chainbreaker by Shelley Lynn Jackson & Ethan Clark.


All  royalties from J Milligan’s book Eggman will go to local charities for hurricane relief this week.  So you truelly are reading for recovery, reading for NYC.  Head over HERE to find out where to pick Eggman up.

It was all about having the Flow.  Having the Flow was being half dead, passing through the lattice of the streets and traffic at an oblique angle, meshing with the City like the chain on the rear cog, never resting, never coasting, never changing gears.  Having the Flow was like being a Scooby Doo ghost, drifting through physical walls, untouchable by mortals.  Having the Flow was dope, three times.  But Clive did not have the Flow.

EGGMAN vividly portrays the amazing diversity a messenger deals with daily and how the messenger can go places that no other citizen can.

-Lucas Brunelle: LINE OF SIGHT