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Cafe Roubaix: John put it best.


Look, I know this situation with Café Roubaix and Specialized has been on everyone’s social network radars at some point over the weekend. While people have supplied their opinions, I tried to rationalize my take on the whole debacle. You see, I really hate reading about corporate bullies throwing their weight around. How can you even claim that you own the name of a commune in northern France?

I’m banging my head against the wall here. Mostly because I actually respect what some of Specialized does. While it’s not all for me, they’re an American company that has been around for decades, employing people who love to ride bikes and have put out some rather interesting design projects over the years. That said, their corporate assholish attitude really bums me out. Here’s a summary of what they’re doing to Café Roubaix:

“A Canadian veteran of the Afghanistan war who operates a tiny bicycle shop in Cochrane is being forced to change his store’s name after being threatened with a lawsuit by one of the giants of the U.S. bike industry.

Dan Richter, owner of Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio, located above the famous Mackay’s Ice Cream in Cochrane, says he received a letter from the lawyers of big bicycle maker Specialized several months ago, demanding he change the store’s name because the company owns the trademark on the word Roubaix, which they use to market a brand of road bike.”

To add insult to injury, this isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this.

So I want to know. What gives, Specialized? Are you like the small-minded bully who walks around beating up nerds? Look, they’re even wearing red.

At any rate, I wanted to address this to not open up a forum on how much Specialized sucks, but to help out Café Roubaix. Check out more on this Indie Go-Go campaign or just buy a shirt!

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The San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet is a sight to see!

It’s like when you were young, lying in bed…wide awake, knowing that Santa would leave something underneath the tree that would make you the happiest youngster in the world.

The energy, the nostalgia, the deals, etc. There is something so special about these events, I doubt you could ever capture it on video. But don’t say we didn’t try!

There are hundreds of Bicycle Swap Meets through out the world every year. These are not easy events to organize, nor are they cheap. So…I just wanted to say thank you to all the people keeping this tradition alive.