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You had me at, “A Zine featuring portraits, action, and living moments” and it didn’t hurt that the dude is rocking Boicott!

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Long lost Rapha Cycle Club SF photoset.





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Books and Bikes…

always a good combo!


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It was a sad day when I read this…

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Bisbee Bicycle Brothel will be closing its retail store and going virtual in April. We will be doing online sales and traveling to bike swaps/shows around the country. I have had a great time meeting fellow vintagistas in the shop and will miss it, but its time to move on, do some travel, and get back on the bike. I am having a sale and will be having a bike swap at the shop and the building next door on April 13 from 9AM-3PM. No fee. It’s the day before the Tucson Bike Swap so hope we get a lot of visitors. Bring your bike items and a table or blanket for display. No big vehicles of items since space (and parking) are limited. Thanks for your support over the last seven and a half years.

Text from The Bisbee Bicycle Brothel website.


There isn’t much time left to make it to the Bicycle Brothel in Bisbee, AZ but if the vintage bicycle is religion you seek, I’d highly suggest making a pilgrimage to the mecca!  I know I’m going to try.  For those of you that are too far away or just don’t have the time, I’d highly suggest taking a look at these three write ups and picture essays on the  Bicycle Brothel.

Velo Cult: Bisbee Bicycle Brothel!

Path Less Pedaled: Bisbee and the Bike Brothel!

Velo Cult: Miscellaneous Items from The Bisbee Bicycle Brothel!

If I don’t make it to the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel before the end, I just wanted to say thank you to Velo Cult and Path Less Pedaled for taking the time to stop in, photograph, and share your experience with the world.

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s almost gone?

Gone and yondered…

Took this photo of Joshua from Cycle J. Bryant while he was here in LA to do the Yonder Journal Old Ridge Route with Errin from Frontage Roads.  Hope you had a great stay in LA and we’ll see you up north real soon, thanks for coming by the shop!


Erin and Joshua are the first to go yonder and complete the BROVET!  You can read a little bit about their ride and see some more pictures @ Frontage Roads.