A pic a day…while I’m away.

While I’m in Minneapolis for Frostbike, figure I won’t really wanna be searching the internet for content, so I’m going to just post one photo a day from the good times being had here.


Image from…HERE!

This girl is too good!



Be Safe This Weekend(wear a condom)!


Illustration from…HERE!

Heavy Tread!

I posted an illustration of a Tread = Road poster awhile back, wanting to know if there was an MTB one?


And later that day I got an email from William Hibberd the man behind the poster. There was an MTB one…along with a BMX and cyclocross one too. William did these in conjunction with Intercity Design and they are for sale at Print-Process.

I personally think these would be rad posters to hang in any bike shop, but I want them for my home!

You can see more images of the posters…HERE!

My New Year’s resolution is…

to ride more…and blog less!


But if you’ve been reading this blog for anytime, you know that’s been my resolution every year since 2010.