More Klunker please!

A pic a day…while I’m away.

While I’m in Minneapolis for Frostbike, figure I won’t really wanna be searching the internet for content, so I’m going to just post one photo a day from the good times being had here.


Image from…HERE!

This girl is too good!



Be Safe This Weekend(wear a condom)!


Illustration from…HERE!

Heavy Tread!

I posted an illustration of a Tread = Road poster awhile back, wanting to know if there was an MTB one?


And later that day I got an email from William Hibberd the man behind the poster. There was an MTB one…along with a BMX and cyclocross one too. William did these in conjunction with Intercity Design and they are for sale at Print-Process.

I personally think these would be rad posters to hang in any bike shop, but I want them for my home!

You can see more images of the posters…HERE!