Probably going to be a little sleepy around these parts…


I have a couple friends in town and they’ll be top priority until I can get rid of them! But the good news is…I’d guess my Instagram’s going to be pretty killer!

Wheely Wheely!

Thanks Mike!

Normally Wednesday means…


Type from…HERE!

but instead I’m at the shop getting things done in preparation for Mr. Prolly’s Vegas Vacation. Andy from Fyxo and Ben from Argonaut are in town, and I didn’t want them sitting at GSC while I was working, so they set off on a (off)road bike ride with some of LA’s finest. Have fun guys and I’ll see you in a bit.

Bicycle Lane Proposal!

Do you live/work/play Virgil Village? Come to this meeting and express your support for the proposed bike lanes on Virgil between Santa Monica and Melrose!

This is Councilman O’Farrell’s first bike-related project he is considering and we need his stakeholders to let him know what they think. Will you attend?

More info at the LACBC Facebook page!


If you can not attend…please feel free to email with any positive feedback or concerns(doubt there’ll be any concerns)! Hope everyone can make it out. This is O’Farrell’s first go at making the Virgil Village more bike friendly, so I’d highly suggest being in attendance if this and further bike friendly improvements matter to you.

Best cycling alphabet to date!


From aero bars to Team Zed, the Cyclist’s Alphabet is now available for your walls. Two-wheeled enthusiasts from everywhere can appreciate both the technology and history behind our favorite mode of transportation with all 26 letters illustrated on 18×24″ True White French Paper stock.