Wheelie Wednesdayz!



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Let’s do this!

Always nice to stop in at your local Bike Shop!


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Who cares about multi-tools…

when you can have a multi-lever!


This thing actually looks pretty good. I’d stick one of those in a Ramblin’ Roll!

My only real question is, what do you do when you break the lever? Can you just buy the lever. Oh, maybe I have another. What if you ride a Thomson stem and you need a three or Phil hubs and you need a six. Will there ever be options for different wrench sizes when purchasing?

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20 Question with Hans Rey!


Retrobike: How’s life in 2012?

Hans Rey: Life is good in 2013!!! I’m still living the dream, I’m as busy as ever riding bikes and having fun. I would have never dreamt that I would have such long and good career. I try to stay relevant to the times and my age, inspire people to ride or live their own dreams all along while making sure the sponsors get what they are looking for. I’ve done some great trips to Haiti (MTB Ayiti Event), Kenya & Uganda, Southern French Alps with Dan Atherton and the Lofoten Islands above the Arctic Circle in Norway.

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Not sure what you were into growing up, but hopefully doing rad shit on Mountain Bikes and watching Pacific Blue was part of it. Even if it was only one or the other, you’ve probably heard of Hans Rey. Hopefully you guys are as stoked as I was to see this 20 questions from Retro Bike!

Make whatever ride you do this weekend a party!


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