Bowie kept Portland weird!

If you’re in Portland, ride to remember Bowie tonight!


Local fans of David Bowie are planning a memorial ride tonight to remember the music and fashion icon who died today at age 69. The ride will meet at 5:00 pm in Waterfront Park (at SW Pine).

For many years now, Bowie and his music have loomed largely in Portland’s bike scene thanks to the annual Bowie vs. Prince bike ride. The ride happens each year in June during Pedalpalooza. Hundreds of people show up in elaborate costumes and make-up — some drawing inspiration from Prince, others from Bowie. The two “sides” start separately and then meet-up for a huge dance party in the street fueled by free spirits and loud mobile sound systems.


John Lennon & David Bowie: Bicycle built for two!

Radio Station nominates the bike for


Caterpillar, a popular program on Italy’s Rai Radio 2, is collecting signatures for an online petition as part of their “Bike the Nobel” campaign to nominate the bicycle for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The station believes that the bicycle should be rewarded for it’s role as a peaceful means of transportation and cited its use by liberation and resistance movements throughout the world.

“The bicycle is an instrument of peace,” a post on the show’s blog read. “It’s the most democratic tool of transport for all mankind it does not cause wars and pollution, and it decreases car accidents.”


She’s still got it!

George Marshall takes really nice photographs!


These panoramic photographs are really great too!

Matt Hoffman anyone?

More George Marshall…HERE!