No fumar en el velódromo de San Diego…

a menos que usted es Homer Simpson.


Image from…HERE!

Doug Dalrymple took this super rad photo at the San Diego Velodrome while bike trippin’ across America and photographing the people and places still producing products here.

Wanna see more of his work, then I’d follow him on Instagram or checkout his sight North American Workers!

A must watch Montano Velo video!

Thanks for sharing the Montano Velo story with us!

Happy Birthday John!


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Her’s to another year of being a Radavist!

This is a real big place…

with very little infrastructure catering to the daily cyclist.


Image from…HERE!

So when you’re feeling small in this car-obsessed world, just remember we’re having more fun than them!

Two rad photos from Terry Barentsen!



Images from…HERE and HERE!