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By any means necessary!

The Nature Boy!


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The song was first recorded by Nat King Cole on 22 August 1947 with a studio orchestra. It was released on 29 March 1948 and became a big hit beginning in mid-May, topping the Billboard Best Sellers in Stores singles chart for seven weeks.

The songwriter, eden ahbez (no capitals by his preference), had handed a “tattered piece of sheet music” to Cole’s manager backstage during a gig at Downtown L.A.’s Orpheum Theatre in June 1947. Cole began playing the song during live performances sometime between receiving it in June and recording it in August.

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eden had style on the bike and you probably thought Grant Peterson came up with that all on his own!

Messengers Style New York, 1990’s



I stumbled upon this book by accident about 7 years ago. I’d been living in LA for about two years and had just moved into the place that I live now. Tracko was in full swing and I was working at Orange 20. One morning I was walking home from breakfast before heading into work and stumbled upon a garage sale down the street from my house. After rifling through a few boxes of books with no luck, I was about to give up. Then I looked over and a women was holding this book, I was so bummed. I didn’t think anyone could let this treasure go after picking it up. I decided to wait it out anyways, after picking up a few more books and few chachkies she finally put it down. I jumped over a coffee table and ran across the garage and snagged the book.

At this time I was trying to share everything Track Bike, Messenger Culture, or Alt-Cycling that I could, but this book felt special. I wanted to scan it but I just couldn’t and today I’m super psyched I didn’t. Seeing this book on The Radavist gave me the same feeling today as it did when I first saw it at that garage sale 7 years ago. STOKED!

The whole Messengers Style New York, 1990’s book has been scanned…HERE!

Grateful Bike Shops and stealing Donuts!


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This is the fanciest bike company ever!

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