This is so rad Death Spray!

2014 Tour de France - Cannondale Custom Bikes

Cannondale & DSC have teamed up to create the livery of their 2014 TDF cycles. Each rider has their spirit animal adorned on their TT in a style akin to native American Haida style. Go Green.

Text and more images…HERE!

Anybody know anything about this Cinelli Laser?


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Stage 1…Stage 2…Stage 3…


By special invitation from the British Government, Paul Smith has designed three posters to mark the cultural importance of the Tour de France and its arrival in the UK.

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All Mod KOMs!


It all begins tomorrow! Not London but still England and this poster is just the best!

Vive Le Tour!

Super rad Richard Mitchelson TDF print!


Here’s a new print I’ve been working on… It’s an A-Z of the riders from my childhood that I used to zoom about my local streets in Yorkshire pretending to be, hearing Phil Liggett’s voice in my head all the way to the top of local hills or sprinting home from a local kick about… I hope you like it. If you fancy one, email me they’re A3 and £45.

I believe that’s around 75USD.

Also checkout the one he did for Velo House!