Vintage cycling dress by Michela Carraro!


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Selim Korycki and the modern day X-Man!


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From 2001 until 2014 I worked a job I loved and hated. I was a cycle courier in London.

At the end of 2009 I was coming up to the 9-year mark of working on the road. At the same time I started the second year of my photography degree. After spending most of my mediocre savings on university fees (higher education was still affordable back then), I used the leftover money to purchase
a second-hand camera and a box of film. I then turned my new lens on the most obvious subject- London messengers.

For the next few years I took portraits of people with whom I was working (and often shared my social
life too). I photographed my subjects exclusively at work, on the circuit. I usually shot when I chanced upon another courier on the streets, occasionally arranging a meeting on the way to or from work.
It was like playing a very peculiar game of timing light availability with the unpredictable schedules of people who earn their living by moving as fast as possible.

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Merckx Monday: Victory Chimp


A print series celebrating cycling’s legends in op art portraits. Each print colour is inspired by the team jersey in which they achieved their greatest successes and includes their detailed palmar├Ęs.


Merckx Monday: Panache!



How about going for a cruise this weekend…


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