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Derek Yarra and Dario Pegoretti!!!


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The market of custom frame builders is incredible. There are so many builders out there, all doing their thing to express their vision of how two wheels should carry a rider across the road. Some are built as pure art, some are built for pure performance, some are built with seemingly no real intent at all. Steel, titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum, hell, even bamboo. There are no limitations as to how or with what materials people are crafting bicycles out of and it’s utterly amazing that we live in an age where so many builders can thrive. While there is no doubt in the skill, craftsmanship, and artistry among today’s sea of builders (seriously, there is some undeniable talent out there), there is something they all seem to lack the same. Pedigree. True, race winning pedigree. Well, all but one.

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