Inspired by a real episode, this story depicts a part of youth culture that lives in the neighborhood where the creation of prejudices and hierarchies begin to emerge and where the ingenuity and spirit of survival are always present.

Friday Night Lights!



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J. “Poppi” Cool Romance was in town on Friday and the city of Los Angeles decided it’d be a good idea to throw him a shredfest and party extravaganza! The party started at GSC and then made it’s way up to the blacktop, to see the grand finale! A lazer light show that was dedicated to Poppi and his last night in town!

Merckx Monday: Matthew Burton


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The mind of a Chicago Courier…


The Courier Chicago is a poster dedicated to the hard-working bicycle couriers in the city of Chicago. The poster is an inside look into the head of a courier. They know far more than the average cyclist—best shortcuts around the city, codes to downtown building bathrooms, or where to go to get the cheapest cup of coffee.

Poster by Daphne Karagianis!

Luckily Spring is on it’s way!

Short Alex Singer shop visit in this video…

I look forward to seeing the bike!