Dario’s workshop by Wilis!



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You can see more at his Flickr!

The first Mountain Bike film ever made!

Well…that’s what Brian Vernor believes, so that is what I believe!

Here’s what Brian has to say about the film…

Hi friends, This has been a long time coming. I have held this secret for a long time and at this point I think there is no way to share this radical film other than to simply let it fly on the internet. In early 2010 I showed this film to multiple cycling media outlets in an effort to re-release the film, or to do an in depth profile on the man that as far as I know has made the first mountain bike film. the FIRST. This is a film. It is not a bunch of scrappy footage. Wolf Ruck made something beautiful and important, and then he moved on and made other films about other subjects. He was very humble when I approached him about his film FREEWHEELIN. He was even surprised anybody cared. What a shock to see this film for me. Besides the historical importance, the great vibe he transmits from the scene as it was back then, jamming soundtrack he co-ordinated, Wolf Ruck can likely be credited with the first urban POV shot in all of cycling. Plenty of people have made names for themselves simply from that shot alone. As a filmmaker I am greatly inspired by this whole film. Freewheelin is free. Please share.


If you wanna know where Keo got his moves in Macaframa, watch this!

Mudfoot and Stinner California Cyclocross!



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Loving those All-City Nature Boy Disk dropouts on the Stinner!

The safest place to ride a Track Bike…


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Spotted at Bicycle Coffee LA!

First Friday Photo Show @ Bicycle Coffee LA tonight!

Come by, there will be caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages, and vegan food from Pure Luck!



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Tons of familiar faces in this show, really loving this photo Pat Walker took of Sanso of the Itchy Movement!