John Lennon & David Bowie: Bicycle built for two!

This Bishop Track Bike is blowing minds today!


More images…HERE!

Looks like someone Photoshopped the stick!

This could be the best looking Track Bike I have seen in years!

Merckx Monday: RIP David Bowie


Checkout this old Alleycat Flyer from Pittsburgh!

You’ll be missed!

Love this video from Stinner!

Radio Station nominates the bike for


Caterpillar, a popular program on Italy’s Rai Radio 2, is collecting signatures for an online petition as part of their “Bike the Nobel” campaign to nominate the bicycle for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The station believes that the bicycle should be rewarded for it’s role as a peaceful means of transportation and cited its use by liberation and resistance movements throughout the world.

“The bicycle is an instrument of peace,” a post on the show’s blog read. “It’s the most democratic tool of transport for all mankind it does not cause wars and pollution, and it decreases car accidents.”