How about going for a cruise this weekend…


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Love will tear us apart.


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There’s something about the beauty of the metal toeclip and leather strap that keeps me second guessing myself. I know it’s an inferior system, most certainly when compared to the modern day road pedal. I’d even prefer to ride an MTB pedal if the bike had brakes. Some would go as far to say that a Hold Fast strap style system is even better than the traditional toeclip and strap setup. So why do we keep putting them on?

The above picture by Mr. Fyxo is the answer.

Who’s been to The Athletic Store?

Well…if you haven’t, check out these great photos I found over at Pedal Consumption!


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If an Art Director painted the word…

VELODROME for a photo shoot, this is what it would look like.


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Absolutely love this, from the Herne Hill Velodrome!

There’s a peace sign in the photo…

of course I had to post it!


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