The last day for the Tracko and Endo Jerseys!!!



Don’t forget you can customize the back of the jersey!!!


Keep them coming!!!

Hayduke IMBA Special Edition Frame!!!


“Advocate Cycles is the first bike brand to pledge 100% of after-tax profits to be donated to cycling advocacy efforts. To coincide with IMBA’s World Summit this week in Bentonville, AR, they have created a limited run of 30 frames from their Hayduke model, with custom art designed by Adam Turman that reflects a singletrack trail, and all the parts of the earth around it. These 30 frames will be sold through Advocate Cycle’s dealer and direct sales channels for $800. Each purchase will include a free 1-year membership to IMBA, with the entire purchase price going to IMBA’s Dig In Campaign.”

Seen it atThe Radavist!

Also checkout what Advocate has been up to…HERE!

We’re gonna be alright…

Yeah I’m mad but I’m not stressed, because we’re gonna be alright! We got bikes and one hell of a fight!

Don’t Blame Me! I Voted!!!


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