Makino Olympiad Bat-track!

I’ve wanted to photograph this bike ever since Andy was back home, living in London. Lucky for me he has moved to Los Angeles to open the LA chapter of Bicycle Coffee!




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You’ll be missed Mr. Williams.


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More Radical Rick at the Headset Press!


What and where did you study and which university/college?

While I was still attending California State University at Fullerton, I drew the first Radical Rick. I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone, draw up this wild character to get a job at a cool magazine and turn it in to my professor to fulfil an illustration class assignment.
Did you pass your assignment?

Did Radical Rick pass the grade?

The art professors didn’t exactly understand comic art, BMX, or humor for that matter. But they appreciated me going beyond the class room and making a go of it. Rick may not have been a very attentive student because of his hyper awareness to extreme opportunities, but I certainly learned how to pass the class, in flying colors.

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The Night Bison are coming!


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Keep up the great work North Central Cyclery! It’s always nice seeing what you guys are up to.

Merckx Monday!


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