Bench Self Made: Jordan Hufnagel Interview.

It was about midnight last night when my friend Jordan Hufnagel started texting me pictures of him brazing someone’s frame from his flip-phone.  He didn’t actually say it was mine but it did say “so it begins”.  I never know when Jordan is lying to me or telling me the truth but either way I am pretty psyched!


I am a custom bicycle maker and I share a large metalworkshop in Portland, Oregon with my friend James Crowe. He’s a custom motorcycle fabricator. We have a traditional metal shop full of things like manual milling machines, lathes, sheet metal shaping machines, saws, grinders and hand tools. James and I both work a ton and we try to make all our time spent outside of the shop as rad as possible. That usually means things like camping, motorcycles and swimming. Together we just started a new company called West America. It’s more focused on all our parts, rather than being hyper focused on our other respective companies. With West America we are creating an outlet for us to share stories, focus on some new products and get lost more often.


I moved at the end of 2004. I had been living in Austin, Texas for a few years at the time and was eagerly searching for the next spot. I spent most of 2004 on various road trips zig-zagging back and forth across the States, only spending a few months at home. It was awesome and exciting. That brought my first visit to the Northwestern United States. When I got to Portland it was summer time. Portland was in its full glory, packed with life and motivated people, surrounded by mountains and rivers. I felt like I’d found the place I was looking for. I extended my stay on that visit and when I got back to Austin I just bought a one-way ticket back immediately.

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