Outlier Three Way Short: They aren’t kidding!

At the beginning of July I took a week off from bicycles and decided I was going to hike across the Grand Canyon. I wasn’t going for long, 4 days and 3 nights. So I decided that I’d just bring my Outlier Three Way shorts, a pair of swim trunks and a few shirts. A

t the last minute I said to myself, “I’m going to see if these Three Ways work as well as Outlier says they do.” And I was definitely not disappointed.

It’s not unusual for me to wear my cloths for a week straight but this was different. I carried a 50 pound pack down 4,000 feet, walked 25 miles and then climbed back out 4,000 feet. Did I mention that it was 100 degrees most of the time I was doing all this? Luckily there were creeks that run most the length of the hike. I came down North Kaibab, crossed Silver Bridge and hiked up Bright Angel. It wasn’t until I left Indian Garden Campground that I no longer had a stream running along the trail, so I’d say I spent equal time in the water cooling off as I did hiking.

These shorts paired with the Patagonia Capilene 2 Lightweight Boxer Brief kept me dry during the hike. I’d usually take the boxers off while I was swimming, allowing the Three Ways to dry very quickly. But there were a few times when I couldn’t wait and I’d just jump in. With two layers, even two technical fabrics like these, it took a bit longer to dry but it was still pretty quick(I was impressed). The shorts repelled all kinds of filth, coffee, re-hydrated black beans, mud, etc. When I came out of the canyon I showered and went straight to the bar wearing these shorts and while they did look a little weathered, they definitely didn’t look dirty and they really didn’t smell that bad either.

I’ve now hiked, biked, swam and hung out in these shorts for almost two months straight and couldn’t think of any reason I’d wanna wear something else. I even bought another pair of the gray ones as soon as I got back to LA and have had them on everyday since then.

These shorts are highly recommended! I know summer is almost over but now you Aussies have something to look forward to!

I would definitely swoop and have swooped…HERE!

Speaking of Cadence…

this shirt gets two thumbs up from me and would also get Grant Peterson’s approval!


If you know anything about Mr. Grant Perterson…you probably know that his riding shirt of choice is lite weight cowboy shirts. This new Cadence Short Sleeve Button Down is that but with added game pouch. So good!

Definitely going to be riding around in one of these this summer and probably the fall, winter and spring too. It doesn’t really get cold here.

Catching up with cool…

Bill Strickland reviews the Landlords Cycling Book! Ha…so good!


Sometimes I come across something in the cycling world that I know is getting to a place I want to know about, but that, also, is going to remain beyond my reach. That book you see on the top of the pile there, the one with the world-champ Charlie Brown stripe, is Landlords Cycling. I’m not going to pretend to be able to tell you what is going on with this book or this club, but I like it and I think it is in some way significant. It’s mostly a photo book, partly a cultural investigation, in some ways a manifesto, and most likely some kind of joke on the rest of us—though with empathy. As the pre-eminent anthropologist of cycling Mike Spriggs from Gage+Desoto described it, “It’s like a history AND a future lesson all in one.” You can buy it, authored by Phil Legit, here—and, yeah, it really does cost a ludicrous $100, which is one of the things that intrigued me: Just who do these guys think they are? They’re guys who put out a book worth the hundred bucks, that’s who.

Review from…HERE!

This made my day!