Alex Ostroy seems like a pretty rad dude!




Anybody know anything about him? Looks like he just had a show at the RCC New York.

Here is a link to his Tumblr!

And checkout this awesome poster he did!!!


  1. mathew says:

    rad dude.big believer in ice velo local.

  2. Rob says:

    How did you guys sleep through PoseuSport these past years? This dude has designed so many dope kits and bikes in the past five years. In NYC he has designed just about every team, event and bike shops kit, you can’t ride ten feet without seeing one.

  3. ET says:

    He is a fantastic designer. He knows the history of cycling – kits, riders the culture. He can fine tune his fabulous designs with modern touch or pop culture creating one of a kind stand out designs. Kits or bikes, there’s no better person who understands “designing” cycling motif.

  4. DM says:

    Guy is a legend in NYC cycling. One of the best designers in the industry – kit, bikes, art, jewelry. He’s also a wealth of cycling knowledge and history, has introduced hundreds to racing, and manages the NYVelocity website. Rockstar.

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