It’s a Big Weekend for Bruce Gordon Fans!

Bruce Gordon Retirement Party November 3rd, 4th, and 5th!


And if you haven’t read this interview! Get on it!

BIKERUMOR: You started in art, working on your masters at the Art Institute in Chicago. Within a few years, you were building bikes in California. What did that path look like?

BRUCE: I bought a Raleigh Grand Prix in 1970 when I dropped out of graduate school. Before that, I had Schwinn bikes. A friend of mine was living in Venice, so I moved to California.

I had a spiral bound notebook in which I wrote in pen, handwritten, a letter to Raleigh saying that I owned a Raleigh and really wanted to be a Raleigh dealer. I’m sure it’s still up at the Raleigh headquarters. It was really naive.

BIKERUMOR: “Dear Raleigh! My name is Bruce. I am twenty-four and a half years old…”

BRUCE: Exactly. “I own a Raleigh and I ride a Raleigh and it’s the best bike and I want to be a Raleigh dealer in LA somewhere.” I moved to Venice and worked for the Culver Bike Rack. It was owned by a guy who was a stuntman for the MGM Studios who did bull whips and axe throwing and whatever — this is what he did.

The bike shop he got into because his daughter had a boyfriend who wanted a bike shop. And then they broke up.

BIKERUMOR: And then he had a bike shop.

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