Primitive Adventure Bottle by Sim Works!


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Finding Friends on the Isle of Arran!



You can read race reports all over the internet about Grinduro Scotland and that’s exactly why I’m not going to give you that here. It was Scotland, so of course, it rained! It was on the Isle of Arran, so of course, it was beautiful! It rained, so of course, it was muddy! And did I mention… it was Scotland, so of course, we drank whisky!

I must admit, going into this trip I was a bit nervous I wasn’t going to know anyone. I was even uncertain if Amanda Schaper, the one who invited me in the first place was even going to make it over for the race. So I figured I’d just be going over to shoot the bikes and ride the race and then I would be out of there before I knew it, but that most definitely wasn’t the case.

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And the Cosmic Stallion is here!

Really looking forward to getting one of these bad boys going!

It’s pretty cool that Silca is making a modern Pista!


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Road bike are still cool, right?