Ride like a Girl!

“To celebrate some of cycling’s most stylish women!”


When cycling history goes in search of the fashion-forward, it rarely looks beyond men. These shots combine contemporary womenswear with Rapha apparel to celebrate some of cycling’s most stylish women riders.

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Team Mutant Trials with Steve Garro!

This photo is perfect!


Steve Garro: Arizona’s Mountain Biking, Trouble Making, Frame Building Legend

Steve Garro has been somewhat of a mountain bike legend for longer than many people have even been riding. In the late 80s and early 90s, his crew of racing and riding friends, The Mutants, were known as the wild men of the Southwest racing scene. They were as famous for jumping fires and riding gnarly slick rock as they were for racing hard against the biggest names in mountain biking. Steve later began building his own mountain bikes, launching his company, Coconino Cycles. A collision with a car in 2005 nearly took his life, but he recovered and returned to work building custom bikes of all kinds in his Flagstaff, AZ workshop. I got the chance to ask Steve questions via email about his early use of bikes to get out into the wild, his racing days with The Mutants, his frame building, and much more.

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Anybody ever ridden a Track Bike in a pair of Nike Cortez?


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I bet they’d be pretty good! Especially with toe-clips/straps and a traditional pedal!