Luxury Horsepower at The Radavist!


In the Spring of 2016 Jeff from All-City asked me if I’d like to do a party ride in the Lake Tahoe area before Saddle Drive! As you probably already know, anytime the word party and ride are in the same sentence, I say yes. Jeff then asked me if my better half would also like to come along, and of course, I just said yes to that too! In reality, I probably should have asked about the route and the terrain, but I didn’t. Liz and I would be riding 600 miles on the northern portion of the Divide just before, so I figured this would be a walk in the park. Boyyy…was I wrong…


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Speaking of Jordan Haggard!

Checkout this awesome journal entry on Blue And Red…


In early 2009 Jordan started riding with a small 35mm film camera to document his life and he created a blog called The Blue & Red to share film selects. Jordan’s images of bike friends and bike racing tell an accurate story of what it was like to be a cyclist in Southern California pre-Instagram. In a nutshell, it was a time when the entire world had not yet realized how much fun we were having. Jordan now regularly shoots for some of the cycling industry’s biggest companies, but has still continued to post on the blog sporadically for the better part of ten years. All of us here at Team Dream hope he continues for a long time to come! We asked Jordan a few questions about the blog’s origins and he was kind enough to share the following answers with us.


Team Dream Bicycling Team: What is The Blue & Red?

Jordan Clark Haggard: The Blue and Red is a visual document of my time and life in and around bikes. I started taking images as a way to share all the great places my bike took me. Basically I just wanted a way to show people that riding bikes was really cool.


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