A little question and answer with Tom Donhou!


So you started in 2010?

Yep I think so, can’t totally remember but sounds about right! We went fully public at the first Bespoked show…

That years bespoked (the first) in Bristol was really the first time for me that I saw bikes like yours. Your Pimento Stuffed and Rickys Track build from that show are still very memorable, you both stood out quite clearly at that show, at the time there were not so many new builders…I guess you wouldn’t have imagined there would be so many now?

Yeah we took Best in Show with the ‘Pimento Stuffed’ bike that year. Going there was a total unknown, as the resurgence in frame building in the UK hadn’t really happened. That show was essentially the start of it, so it was an interesting clean slate and great to have been there…

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