Meet Paul “the grump” Rance!

He’s a bike messenger or was until 06-08-14. This is the day he became free.


People wax lyrical about how being a bike messenger is being free, being your own boss. Well it is part of the time – mostly summer time – but when it becomes time to pay the bills and win the bread so to speak it can be a different story.

I’ve worked with Paul “the grump” Rance now for over 6 years, in which time I have learned many things from him, but one thing I have learned is that family comes first – without a doubt he is a family man. If it wasn’t for his son Joe and partner Justine he would have quit this game long ago. Unlike most bike messengers Paul works as an in house messenger and although it offers a certain amount of security it comes with the corporate bullshit which I have also had the pleasure of enduring. Some would say well just give it up, but if you can ride a bike for a living and be paid a salary would you?

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