Trackside 85!

Loving everything about this!




The tradition of the Berliner Sechstagesrennen is no exception and the city has hosted this event annually since 1909. On this chilly October Monday, the 81st race is about to commence in the massive Deutschlandhalle and among the spectators and riders, you can find a young photographer from Sweden.

Staffan Jofjell had stumbled over a photograph in a café in East Berlin dedicated to the journalist Egon Erwin Kisch. It pictured hardy cyclists lining up for the 1925 edition of the 6-Tage-Rennen together with vibrant texts of Kisch, “the raging reporter”” He immediately became fascinated of what seemed to be the ultimate test of man and machine. Bicycles stripped down to their essence, men and women ready to prove their endurance in the setting of a city that had always fascinated him. That made it an easy decision to return later that same year, to photograph the race…

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