While I was away…

Kjeld’s #ridejahbike Bonty, was featured on The Radvist!


For most bike nerds there will always be that one bike that escapes them. It shows up on eBay, but never in the right size, or the seller is just asking way too much for it. For me, that bike has long been the Bontrager Cyclocross. For my friend Kjeld, from súpərdomestik, it was the Irie Bontrager Privateer Comp. In a combined case of the best/worst luck ever, he got his hands on one.

Continue reading and see the rest of the photos at The Radavist!

Back from the Natchez Trace!


Lots of miles were ridden, rain was a plenty, lightning lit the night skies, church bells rang, catfish was eaten, and lots of beers were drank. If you’re looking to ride 444 miles without any directions, other than stay on the Trace, I’d highly recommend this. I’ll be talking a bit more about this on The Radavist in the near future.