Ever wonder what a F5 Lattice Ring…

and some Suntour track-cranks would look like together? Well…the answer is AMAZING!



I’ve been running this combo since I built my DART and I’m digging it. They were out of the 47 tooth when I ordered mine, so I swooped one of the 49s. I usually ride something a little more spinny, but bombing hills with this 49 has been pretty jamming. The ring is super light and minimal, but doesn’t flex much while skidding. I’m running a new Izumi Eco chain on it and there’s very little noise coming from the drive train after break in. I threw it on a few different cranks before the Suntours, but nothing really compared to this combo.

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“Any mechanic who can build a wheel, can build a good wheel.”

Some great photos and a rad little interview with Harry Rowland in the latest Cyclist! You’ll have to pick up the magazine to see everything, but for some outtakes and the interview, checkout Andy Waterman’s site.


“A lot of my customers, they just want to ride a bike and enjoy it. One of the problems with these factory wheels is they’re such low spoke count that if a spoke goes out on the club run, you’re not going anywhere. You need to call someone and get a lift home. You’ve got to be realistic, save your high end wheels for best. There’s a place for them, but even professionals will train on 32 spoke wheels. When the photographers come along they’ll be on the best gear, but when they’re out on their own without a team car, they’re riding normal wheels…

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