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I’ll hopefully be back to regular posting next week.

Who wants to go on a road trip?



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Golden Hour Low!

First time I saw a picture of this bike, all I could think of was golden hour, especially here in California. Then I just happened to run into Patrick up top at golden hour and these photos are the product of that happening. Great seeing you out and about Patrick!


An apple a day, keeps them climbing legs.


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Nothing like seeing old friends…

and new friends…doing what they do best!


More of Christopher Lee profiling Brean Shea at The Radavist!

I haven’t seen Brean in sometime now, but I bet he’s still the raddest and most kind messenger out there!

FFC visits Falconer Cycles in San Francisco!



We all have our secrets. Brooklyn has Rosko, Santa Barbara has Stinner and those of us in SF, by the good graces of the fog and hills, have Falconer Cycles.

A Bay Area native, whose decades of kicking up dirt and grime on and off the road, have led him to a relaxed but energized life of making custom steel frames. From 26” cruiser to 26” mtb crusher, cargo to cross (and really whatever you want to ride), his TIG welded works are always a breath of fresh air…

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