Just wanted to say thank you…

to everyone that came out for the Mudfoot Dirty Hundo! Hopefully once John gets his site un-hacked, we can get you some more images and maybe a little writeup. I really don’t think this event could have been any better. There was a bit of a scare at the end, but nothing a the search and rescue party couldn’t fix!


It’s was great seeing everyone from out of town, especially my buddy DKlein(pictured here) from Cadence!


“Can you come swoop me?”

So good!!!

Loving these new TDBT Homage Caps!



Merckx Monday…

is brought you by súpərdomestik and Cannibal NYC this week!



Images from…HERE and HERE!

Our favorite bloke Kjeld is in NYC being a tourist at the moment. Looks like he’s done two things right so far, ate at Cannibal NYC and took this amazing photo at the Red Hook Crit!

While his postcard didn’t really say anything, I’m looking forward to all the mental tales of bikes and booze when Kjeld returns home!

Cristian Zuniga at Red Hook Crit!


More photos…HERE!