Kinfolk: Lots of history in here.

For the last year Kinfolk has been working on their new space in Williamsburg called 94 Wythe. This new space, located right next door to their current location, is made up of a small retail store in the front, a bar enclosed by a geodesic dome structure in the center and an event space in the back. The store carries Kinfolk wares along with other brands from Japan, France and the USA.


“For the opening of the new space I wanted to build a show bike to keep on display. I wanted this bike to be a shining example of master builder Kusaka-San’s excellent craftsmanship. I was searching for inspiration when a friend told me about a 75 road group for sale on the local forum and I knew it would be the perfect fit for this bike. After acquiring the group I designed the bike’s aesthetic to match. The heavy metallic silver blue and gold decals and polished chrome lugs and fork crown make for clean lines and classic details. I matched the brake hoods with the seat and brake calipers. The Sugino stem and bar tape match the blue accents in the paint. And even the honeycomb patterning on the disc wheel complements the geodesic dome in the space.


I couldn’t be happier with how this bike turned out. It was also my first build as King Kog’s new owner/operator here in Brooklyn, which is now the premier retailer for Kinfolk Bicycles. You can come in to see bikes on display, get fitted, make an order, have your bike built and pick it up.” – Shawn Wolf

The store at 94 Wythe is currently open for business…with the bar slated to open at the end of February.

See more images of this wonderful machine…HERE!

All photographs by Christopher Lee!

Merckx Monday!


Doesn’t this look like a Weegee photo? The first time I ever saw this image, I was bit confused about how a Weegee murder photograph got posted on some hip cycling tumblr, but after further inspection I realized it was Eddy Merckx after a crash at the track.

It’s not about if it’s going to happen…because it will. Crashing is inevitable, even the gods must fall.