Exactly 30 years ago today…

Francesco Moser decided it’d be a good idea to take the One Hour Record away from Eddy Merckx. Well…sorta.



Exactly 30 years ago, Francesco Moser set a new Hour Record of 51.151km/h at altitude in Mexico City, marking a new era of sports science and bike technology that would revolutionise professional cycling.

Moser was 32 at the time and seemed in the final chapter of his career. Yet using disc wheels and an aerodynamic time trial bike, with coaching and preparation by Francesco Conconi, he smashed Eddy Merckx’s seemingly unbeatable record of 49.431km. Moser first set a new record of 50.808km on January 19 and then extended the record even further to 51.151km on January 23.

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There’s also a large photo gallery with some black and white photos that I’ve never seen before.

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