R.I.P Tang’s Donuts.


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It was a sad sad day when I rode past Tang’s Donuts and saw it empty. There was no closed sign, nothing saying they moved, just emptiness. It had been years since I’d done a Wolfpack Hustle ride but I still felt compelled to figure out what had become of the Monday night meetup spot. I asked Don (Roadblock), one of the original two organizers, and got nothing. I then asked my friend Fabian, who has been hosting the ride lately, and all he knew was that they would be closing before the new year. That was on December 31. It is now January 20th and I still know nothing more about why Tang’s closed.

I’ve been checking the WP website every day since discovering that Tang’s closed. I’ve been hoping that someone would write about this iconic donut shop that has greeted cyclists every Monday night for the last 9 years.

No… the ride wasn’t about the donut shop. But then again it sorta was. On any given Monday before the ride, you could see a spandex clad cyclist playing a homeless man in a game of chess. Tang’s patrons had even been known to pick up a bike and give the “Hustle Ride” a try.

I have so many great memories of being at Tang’s extra early, just hanging out, because it was the cool thing to do. After that we’d race from 7 Eleven to 7 Eleven, drinking a tall can at every stop (doubt that happens anymore). I met so many friends on the Wolfpack “Hustle Ride”. I still ride and race with a lot of them on a regular basis now. But most importantly I met one of my best friends, and now business partner, Ty Hathaway.

The “Hustle Ride” has changed over the years. I can’t say if it’s for the better or the worse, it’s just changed. And now with Tang’s closed, it’s going to change again. I’m not sure how many “Hustle Rides” have left Tang’s since they closed, but I doubt it could be many more. It’s the end of an era.


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