My New Year’s resolution is…

to ride more…and blog less!


But if you’ve been reading this blog for anytime, you know that’s been my resolution every year since 2010.

Racer-turned-mechanic makes top-grade bikes!


Yoshiaki Nagasawa has a list of customers who favor bicycles handmade for them, including Koichi Nakano, a former professional bicycle racer and 10-time world champion track sprinter.

While bicycles made by Nagasawa cost ¥200,000 to ¥300,000, he says, “I don’t think even ¥500,000 is expensive because I make bicycles you can ride for life.”

Born in Asahi, Chiba Prefecture, Nagasawa represented the prefecture in a bicycle race at the National Sports Festival when he was a third-year student at a local high school. As a freshman at Nihon University, he finished fourth in the Japan National Championships Road Race, and later was chosen as a hopeful to race for Japan at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

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Murder of Couriers is coming!

You’ll be able to purchase it online January 14th!

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