Holy Smokes!


So F#$%ing Good!

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Tracko Splinter Camo Winter Kit is going bye bye!


Photo by John Watson!

I’m going to keep the pre-order open till Sunday night and after that, nothing from this kit will be available again!

Black “and White” Friday!


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Anybody know what this is from?

Marc Marino Interview!


He is tattooed, he is fast and he has a bike that makes you jealous for the glimps of a moment. These are the 3 things that pop up in your mind when you see Marc for the first time. When you have the pleasure to spend some time with him, you will soon recognize that it is not just about the attitude of a cool “Fixed Gear Rider”. He seems to be a very good and straight person with plans and of course very definied targets. You might know Marc from Low Bikes and maybe from Cadence as well. Two worldwide operating companies who support him with frames and clothes. We asked Marc some questions that might paint a closer picture of him for you.

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Gent Six Day by Jack Chevell!



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