Who’s ready…

for some AMAZING Track Cycling in Los Angeles this weekend?

The Los Angeles Grand Prix (LAGP) will serve as a point accumulation opportunity for cyclists to qualify for the UCI World Cups later in the year. In addition to hosting domestic and international elite competitors the race will also integrate adaptive sport by running events that will make up the 2013 US Paralympic National Championships.

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Looks like Wolfpack Hustle will also be throwing a invitational race at the Velodrome this weekend as well!


Adam Duvendeck and I are taking care to make sure that everyone invited to this race has skills and is qualified to be in this race on this velodrome. We still have slots open in mens and womens for people who are certified at the Carson Velodrome. Get at me if you want in roadblock at wolfpackhustle dot com.

This is a first of it’s kind race scoring format. The standing will be live and volatile as EVERY lap earns points for every rider once we cut the field and enter the points race. This IS a beta test. No one knows how this will play out. We think it’s going to be incredible and we are extremely proud to be working with Adam and Fred Patton on this custom scoring application.

20 Men 20 Women

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Ciöcc Columbus Max Track Bike…


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and a portrait of the man that built these wonderful bikes!

Holy Tubes!

Oh man…what I would do to see a proof sheet of this shoot!

The Pirelli Calendar

This from calendar that Helmet Newton shot for Pirelli Tires. You can see more images from the calendar…HERE!

If anyone knows anything about this particular shoot or how to see some out-takes, I’m all ears!

Thanks for sharing Milano Fixed!


I reader sent more info on the calendar over. Check it…HERE and HERE!

Two things I really like about Austin, TX!


Image by Brenton Salo!

John Watson and Flat Track Coffee!