Tracko “Car Dodgers” tee!

What’s America’s favorite past time? Looking at bike blogs, right? So why did it take so long to make this tee?


About four years ago I had friend draw this up for me, still not sure why I waited so long to actually produce these tees. But with the Los Angeles Dodgers’ wonderful season and American Apparel finally making a Ash Gray that I was stoked on, I figured it was about time.

Swoop the Home(lighter) tee…HERE!

Swoop the Away(darker) tee…HERE!

Who’s Cinelli Laser Tandy is this?


And who’s image is this?

*edit FOUND IT!

Best CORNFED yet!

Definitely worth the watch…makes me proud to be from Indiana(actually pretty proud, even before this video)!

A public service announcment from…

All-City and Prolly is not Probably!


Speaking of cyclocross…


Image from…HERE!

That’s a damn fine bicycle Wilis and that bottle ain’t too bad either!