Probably going to be a little sleepy around these parts…


I have a couple friends in town and they’ll be top priority until I can get rid of them! But the good news is…I’d guess my Instagram’s going to be pretty killer!

ARTCRANK interviews Tyler from Pearl Velo!



“From the start with Pearl Velo I wanted to create a bicycle shop different than most. One that would embrace the art of cycling. Working with like-minded people to create a moving piece of art, design and style. Here’s to the ones that are into exploring, innovating and collaborating together to create a simple tool that’ll hopefully propel you to places near and far. Enjoy the ride…”

–Tyler Hardie, Pearl Velo

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Wheely Wheely!

Thanks Mike!

The Tennyson Collective Kit!


More info on the kit…HERE!

The Tennyson Collective is Avery County Cycles, Berkley Supply, and Pearl Velo! What more can I say?