Bicycle Lane Proposal!

Do you live/work/play Virgil Village? Come to this meeting and express your support for the proposed bike lanes on Virgil between Santa Monica and Melrose!

This is Councilman O’Farrell’s first bike-related project he is considering and we need his stakeholders to let him know what they think. Will you attend?

More info at the LACBC Facebook page!


If you can not attend…please feel free to email with any positive feedback or concerns(doubt there’ll be any concerns)! Hope everyone can make it out. This is O’Farrell’s first go at making the Virgil Village more bike friendly, so I’d highly suggest being in attendance if this and further bike friendly improvements matter to you.

Single Speed Cross Season is coming!


Image from…HERE!


Nice bootleg Save The Track Bike sticker!


At least I don’t have to worry about Urban Outfitters ripping me off.

Merckx Monday: Columbus Sticker


Image from…HERE!

I saw on Instagram today that Stanridge got his own Columbus(OHIO) sticker and it made me think about these Eddy Merckx Strada Columbus stickers. Anybody know who was the first framebuilder to have their own Columbus sticker?

Pop that collar on that Tandem Polo!